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Obstetrician sued for medical malpractice for the 2nd time

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2020 | Firm News

Obstetricians are highly trained professionals upon whom mothers rely to closely monitor their health during pregnancy and deliver their baby safely when the time comes. New York parents trust that their obstetrician will honor their legal duty to them and their baby because otherwise both mother and child could be at risk of serious injury, even death.

Unfortunately, not all obstetricians are able or willing to give their patients the level of care and attention they deserve. As a result, women and infants across the country suffer needless, preventable injuries – those who are fortunate enough to survive their obstetrician’s medical malpractice. Vulnerable newborns have little defense when their doctor fails to live up to their legal duty.

Example Of A Malpractice Suit Against An Obstetrician

The death of an infant due to medical negligence is a tragedy. Litigation against the doctor who caused their child’s death is one of the tools grieving parents have to hold the doctor legally responsible for their negligence. In one example, parents are seeking more than $25,000 in compensation from her obstetrician following the death of their newborn son last summer.

The doctor is accused of failing to pay sufficient attention to the mother’s labor before and during the delivery phase. She also allegedly delayed delivery unreasonably, depriving the infant’s brain of blood and oxygen and ultimately causing his death, according to the lawsuit. The parents are seeking compensation for their child’s funeral expenses, as well as their own emotional trauma.

This is not the first time the obstetrician has been accused of medical negligence. About five years ago, a jury awarded another couple nearly $11 million dollars after the doctor advised one of the plaintiffs, who was pregnant at the time, that the symptoms she was experiencing were gastric distress. She told the woman that she did not need to go to the hospital, so she stayed home, where she suffered a stroke the next day.

A Difficult Choice For Parents

Choosing to pursue a medical malpractice claim after the death of a child is never easy. An experienced personal injury attorney can help parents understand the process and decide how to proceed.