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Help For Victims Seriously Injured By Dog Bites

All the attorneys at Black, Lyle & Habberfield, LLP, have handled numerous cases where dogs and other domestic animals, including horses, cats or bulls, have caused serious injuries to our clients. In considering whether you should contact us about a dog bite injury you should be aware of the common misconception that dogs are allowed “one free bite.” That is not the law in either New York or Pennsylvania and, in both states, any injury caused by a dog bite may warrant compensation.

In addition, a “bite” is not the only type of injury an animal can cause and because of this, you can be compensated for your injuries if an animal scratches, kicks or knocks you down. We have also secured recoveries in cases where animals have been allowed to stray onto the highway and caused an automobile accident. If you or a loved one is bitten or otherwise injured by a dog or other animal, we will review your case free of charge to determine if you have a claim against the animal’s owner or the person responsible for the animal.

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