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At Black, Lyle & Habberfield, LLP, we are extremely proud to say that a great deal of our personal injury practice consists of cases that were referred to us by other attorneys. These cases usually involve attorneys who do not handle personal injury litigation, attorneys who are not licensed to practice in New York or Pennsylvania or attorneys who simply want the best results and most responsive representation for their clients, family, and friends.

If you are an attorney who has a client with a possible personal injury claim in either New York or Pennsylvania please contact our firm. We are happy to review any possible case free of charge and, if we accept a referral from you, we will promptly pay you all referral fees allowed by law and the ethical guidelines.

In addition to information for referring attorneys, there are links for other personal injury attorneys to review for basic information on the variations in New York and Pennsylvania law.  Due to our geographic location near the Pennsylvania New York border and our longstanding practice in both states, we at Black, Lyle & Habberfield, LLP, are intimately familiar with the differences in New York and Pennsylvania law. In fact, we have handled cases with almost every possible scenario with residents of one state being injured in the other. Please check out the pages for our attorney primers for both New York and Pennsylvania.