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How do I pay my medical bills after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2020 | Firm News

A car accident only takes a moment to cause catastrophic injuries to a person, and the consequences can last a lifetime. One of the most significant results of a substantial injury is the medical bill, and how someone will pay for this considerable expense is a severe concern for many.

The direct cost of medical expenses from car accidents is more than 380 million dollars each year. The victim of an accident needs to understand how they will pay for medical bills costing thousands of dollars or more.

What the compensation process looks like

When a victim of an accident is looking to cover the cost of their injury and recovery, they need compensation. Compensation commonly comes from the at-fault driver or insurance company, not at the beginning of the healing process.

Insurance companies do not issue payments after each expense that arises. They offer victims a single compensation payment to cover the costs of recovering. Because of this, if a victim wants to get compensation for the total cost of the medical expenses, they will need to wait until they are done with all of their treatments and procedures.

This wait can take as long as several years before a victim finishes their recovery process, but most doctors will need the payment for their services well before. Victims who had medical payment insurance (Med Pay) can rely on their coverage to front the cost of recovery until compensation arrives. Otherwise, a victim can look for medical professionals that can defer payments until compensation comes.

Experienced personal injury attorneys can put victims in touch with these kinds of medical professionals, so the victim can focus on recovering, rather than paying for their injuries. Once a victim has improved, their attorney can help them pursue a fair settlement that covers all of the damages and not just the initial fees.