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Spring forward can lead to drowsy driving auto accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In New York and across the United States, many people look forward to daylight saving time in the spring. This is generally seen as a sign that winter is almost over and the extra hour of daylight is a welcome relief. Still, there are necessary adaptations people must grow accustomed to and they can lead to danger. Since people have their sleeping patterns interrupted, drowsy driving is an annual concern. When there is an auto accident in the aftermath of daylight saving, it is important to consider the possibility that a driver was falling asleep behind the wheel. In fact, this can be an issue year-round and it is wise to understand the signs as to when it might have been a factor in an accident.

The troubling link between daylight saving and drowsy driving

State authorities are concerned about how daylight saving can impact drowsy driving and be the catalyst for crashes. With that, they have warned drivers about it with signs on frequently used roadways and other well-traveled areas. Researchers who focus on road safety say that in 2020, there were nearly 1,400 accidents in which a person was injured and eight fatalities in accidents with an investigator’s notation saying fatigue and drowsy driving played a role.

Among the most vulnerable to drowsy driving are college students, people who have health-related sleep issues, those who work into the early morning hours, drivers of commercial vehicles, inexperienced drivers, and parents of newborns. Drivers who obey all the other rules for safety, are not distracted, do not drive under the influence and are vigilant about the rules of the road can be drowsy and have a collision. It reduces the driver’s reactions, inhibits their judgment, negatively impacts their senses and raises the chance of a road mishap.

After any accident, drowsy driving may have been a cause

After an accident, the investigation can be crucial to determine how it happened. This could be instrumental in how the injured party and their loved ones can move forward. Since auto accidents may lead to serious injuries, the accompanying medical costs, lost wages, problems contributing to a family and other challenges, it is a dramatic and life-altering event. It often causes fatalities. It might be necessary to have guidance with navigating the complexities of insurance policies and deciding if a legal filing will be needed. A consultation with experienced professionals may be helpful in crafting a course of action.