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New York report expresses concern about motorcycle safety

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motorcycles are a constant on New York roadways. During the warmer months, more riders seem to be present across the Empire State whether it is upstate or in New York City. While most riders adhere to the law and wear proper safety equipment, that does not mean they are free from the dangers of riding. Passenger vehicles and trucks must share the road with motorcyclists and do so safely. Unfortunately, many drivers do not watch for motorcycles and commit risky maneuvers putting the pieces in place for an accident.

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Considering their lack of protection, this can cause injuries and death to riders. Recently, the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee emphasized safety as part of May’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Statistics from the University of Albany’s Rockefeller College are worrisome for rider safety as accidents are on the rise.

The initial numbers for 2021 say there was a 50% spike in fatalities when compared to 2019. There were 198 accidents in which 204 people lost their lives. Recent reports for 2022 say that 220 people were injured and nine people were killed in motorcycle accidents.

As part of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, various steps are being taken like making public service announcements, teaching riders how to mitigate the possibility of a crash and highlighting the importance of safety equipment. Regardless of campaigns, the looming possibility of a motorcycle crash is constantly there. Distraction, speeding, recklessness and drivers who are under the influence are often catalysts, but simply not seeing the rider or giving them sufficient room also results in accidents.

Legal help after motorcycle accidents can be important

In a best-case scenario, drivers will realize that they need to share the road with motorcyclists, be alert and take the necessary steps for everyone’s safety. Still, motorcycle accidents will likely happen and people’s lives will be radically changed because of it. This could mean huge medical costs, inability to work and long-term injuries. If the accident is severe enough, it can result in a fatality. Insurers will strive to keep costs in line. People impacted must remember to think about the future and have advice for determining what they should do.