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Auto accidents still on the rise and New York seeks solutions

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Taking to the road in New York has always involved a certain level of risk. Throughout the state, people are often in a rush. Being as busy as people are, they might take liberties with the speed limit, not adhere to the letter of the law when it comes to yielding and coming to a full stop at stop signs, and drive while distracted. While state roads have always been dangerous, the statistics show that the risk is increasing.

Across the nation, motor vehicle fatalities have been trending upward for several years. Part of that is believed to be due to the national crisis. Even after the landscape has gotten back to normal with people working on site, kids going to school and leisure activities happening again, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is sounding the alarm about road safety. New York is seeking solutions to the problem, but as it persists, people should be aware of the chance of a crash and the available options in the aftermath.

National road fatalities the worst since 2002

The NHTSA recently released its early estimates for 2022 and found that the number of road deaths is the worst in 20 years. The first quarter of the year saw more than 9,500 fatalities. This is 7% higher than the same time in 2021. It is 42% worse than 10 years earlier.

These numbers are troubling. New York and other states in the NHTSA’s “Region 2” including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut had an 18% increase over those first three months. New York had 234 deaths which was a rise of more than 37% from 2021.

The U.S. Department of Transportation is striving to reduce the number of deaths with a comprehensive strategy unveiled at the start of the year. That includes improving road design, having safer vehicles on the roads and trying to prevent drivers from causing accidents due to their behaviors.

New York legislators are concerned about speeding drivers

There is a test program ongoing in New York City where vehicles in the municipal fleet of vehicles have been equipped with speed assistance technology. Various safety additions would be required on all these vehicles. There is a State Senate bill that would make it mandatory for all new vehicles registered in the Empire State to have this technology starting in 2024. Examples include technology to maintain a lane, braking systems, blind spot information and warnings if drivers are distracted or drowsy.

This initiative stems from the perceived failures of the ambitious Vision Zero program that was implemented in New York and other cities throughout the nation. The objective was to eliminate road fatalities in the coming years, but instead of a reduction, the numbers got worse. Given the national and local challenges in making the roads safer, it is no surprise that there is a litany of ideas being considered.

Facing the future after an auto accident

Although researchers and legislators are aware of the problem, it continues to get worse. Among the biggest obstacles people face after being injured in an auto accident are their medical care and expenses. Along with that will be lost wages and the emotional and personal worry that comes with such an uncertain future.

For a full recovery, it may be necessary to consider all the legal avenues available. To maximize the compensation received, it is imperative to have experienced guidance that understands how to investigate the accident, determine its cause, gather evidence and gauge what the injured person will face.

This can happen to anyone, but it will be especially challenging for those who have a family, are gainfully employed and are looking forward to their life. To move forward with a case, having compassionate assistance is key. Calling those who understand the local areas and its residents is a wise first step to move forward with a case.