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‘Excess deaths’ skyrocketing in U.S. nursing homes

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home neglect deaths in New York and nationwide are soaring in a troubling atmosphere of overworked caretakers who are not doing their jobs. Reports of nursing home residents being kept in soiled diapers, suffering from deep bedsores and being subjected to starvation and thirst leading to death are reaching nursing home watchdogs, as are many deaths attributed to “failure to thrive,” due to prolonged isolation.

“Excessive deaths” skyrocketing

According to one nursing home expert for The Associated Press reports that there have been more than 40,000 “excess deaths” that is, those who died prematurely in nursing homes due to causes other than COVID-19 since March 2020. This is around 15% more deaths than expected in normal years.

Understaffing a major problem in nursing homes

Nursing homes in the U.S. are chronically understaffed. The report noted that in nursing homes where many residents suffered from COVID-19, the “excess death” rate rose. In facilities where one-third of residents had COVID-19, the “excess death” rate was twice the rate it would be if there was no pandemic. Federal data shows that almost one-quarter of nursing homes reported being short-staffed.

Take action against nursing home abuse and neglect

These are troubling times, but there is absolutely no excuse for nursing home residents to be neglected to the point of starvation, dehydration, isolation and immobility. Olean residents who fear for a loved one’s safety in a nursing home should take the steps necessary to ensure their loved one is cared for. If their loved one is suffering from nursing home neglect, taking legal action may be an option worth considering.