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Western New York has had a troubling rise in pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Road safety and the chance of auto accidents throughout New York continues to be a problem. This is true despite new strategies to make sure drivers are adhering to the law and the advent of vehicles with advanced safety technology. Statistically and anecdotally, there has been an uptick in crashes, particularly in Western New York. In many instances, the victims were pedestrians.

Since this information has come to light, it gives people a warning to be aware of their surroundings and take steps to try and avoid a crash. Still, many accidents will happen no matter how cautious people are and they need to understand what they will face after a collision has occurred.

Pedestrian accidents have been rising in the past five years

In Western New York, there have been 11 pedestrian fatalities in the area since November. In some instances, they happened on busy roads. But they are on the rise no matter the location and is a national issue. As the Governors Highway Safety Association reports, the number of pedestrian deaths in 2022 was the worst it has been in four decades.

In the first six months of 2023, there was a moderate improvement with just shy of 3,400 pedestrians losing their lives. Despite that, there has been an overall increase of 14% since 2019. Law enforcement is being more aggressive with citing drivers who are behaving aggressively, exceeding the speed limit, driving under the influence and being distracted behind the wheel. Infrastructure is also viewed as a culprit with poor lighting, a lack of crosswalks and some areas being devoid of sidewalks.

Pedestrians are advised to be fully aware of their surroundings and to wear light-colored, reflective clothing – especially at night when many of the auto-pedestrian collisions occurred. Although these tactics can be useful, there are some accidents that simply cannot be avoided regardless of what pedestrians and law enforcement try to do to prevent them.

Pedestrians are inherently vulnerable to injury and death

A pedestrian has no protection when they are hit by an automobile, motorcycle or e-bike. Given the long-term challenges personally, physically, emotionally and financially, it is imperative to know what options are available to recover for all that was lost. Investigating the circumstances of the auto accident, gathering evidence and taking the necessary steps to pursue justice is key and may require qualified assistance.