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New York hospitals improve, but patient safety still a concern

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Medical Malpractice, Slip And Fall Injuries

The winter and holiday seasons present many dangers. You could fall from a ladder hanging up lights, slip on ice after a storm or suffer a heart attack after a heavy meal or while shoveling snow.

We head straight to the emergency room when a health crisis hits and expect to receive good care while there. Unfortunately, while New York hospitals are showing improvements in safety, some still provide inadequate care.

Safety still an issue in New York hospitals

Hospitals in New York have shown safety improvements according to a Washington D.C. nonprofit review, but they still need improvement compared with hospitals in other states. The review examined health issues such as surgical mistakes and disease prevention efforts.

According to the review, 19 hospitals in New York scored an “A” in safety. However, 33 hospitals scored a “D” in safety. Still, no hospitals in the state scored an “F” in safety.

All in all, safety in New York hospitals improved this fall compared with last spring although it still ranks lower in safety than hospitals in many other states in the nation.

Patients deserve safe and adequate care

Some New York hospitals are safer than others. This safety can affect patient care and outcomes. All patients in New York hospitals have the right to safe and adequate care.

Patients have the right to receive care in a hospital environment that is clean and safe. Patients have the right to receive care from medical professionals whose credentials are up to date.

Patients have the right to receive comprehensive information about their medical condition, and they have the right to refuse care if they believe it will harm them. Patients have the right to participate in discussions about the care that is administered and are owed a written discharge plan so they can care for themselves appropriately after leaving the hospital.

Safety and medical malpractice

If a hospital environment is unsafe and practitioners provide inadequate care, patients could wind up suffering a worsened condition. Patients with a worsened condition can suffer serious health problems and incur significant expenses to remedy the negligent care. A hospital that is unsafe or provides inadequate care can face liability if a patient suffers compensable damages as a result.