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Troubling fatal vehicle accident data

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our country is intertwined with cars and other motor vehicles. Most of us need a vehicle to do simple tasks like going to work, getting groceries or visiting others. Even with modern safety enhancements like seatbelts, automated driver’s assistance and airbags that were not around for the first vehicles, cars are still dangerous. A national analysis of car accidents demonstrates how car accidents can lead to severe and unfortunate outcomes.

National data on traffic fatalities

In a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration projection of 2021 nationwide car accident data, they discovered troubling trends. When comparing the 2021 data with the 2020 data, several categories like multi-vehicle crash fatalities, urban fatalities and fatalities in drivers aged 65 and over all showed increases of around 15%. They estimate over 40,000 fatalities overall for the 2021 data set.

Not just auto fatalities

An unfortunate byproduct of auto accidents are the other people injured or killed. The 2021 data also showed an increase in bicycle, motorcycle and pedestrian fatalities. Pedestrian and motorcycle fatalities showed especially problematic rises of around 10%. These types of travelers are especially vulnerable to catastrophic injury or death due to the difference in protections offered to them when struck.

Final thoughts

Cars give us the benefit of transportation. However, they have downsides, and one of them is the possibility of accidents, injuries and property damage. If another driver is negligent in their actions on New York roads, you usually have options for recovering damages. Even when you have insurance, it is often beneficial to review your policy for gaps and request assistance when you have a contended claim or difficult issue.